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Dottedline is a cutting-edge creative agency that’s pushing the boundaries of data, technology, and content in the world of football, with a specific focus on grassroots. At Dottedline, we’re all about driving performance and promotion. Pushing P.


Football is a high-performance sport, and every year, the technical, mental, tactical, and physical levels increase. It’s crucial to maintain a good cycle of performance, recovery, and analysis to keep up with the competition. Unfortunately, access to analysis is often limited for those not playing for a club with a reasonable budget.
This challenge led us to develop Dotted.Vis, an interactive visualization application that allows you to monitor your technical and tactical development easily. Our early users have found it to be hugely beneficial, and we’re making it available to limited users. If you’re interested, drop us a message.

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We’re also dedicated to providing opportunities for emerging creatives and creators. That’s why we created Dotted.Mag, an interactive football magazine that offers insights, education & alternative opinions on everything Football. 
We’re also pleased to announce our event Dotted.Nights, a series of events where we discuss topics within Football with experts in their field. It’s an opportunity to network, build community, and deepen your knowledge of the beautiful game. 
If you’re interested in learning more, collaborating and connecting please fill out the ‘contact us’ below and we’ll be sure to get back to you!

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